See the Light! Bright ideas for Lamps

   Prints Charming Lampshades See the Light! Bright ideas for lampshades and bases

Light up your home with lampshades and bases that are a work of art. Here’s a few stellar handmade shades Miss Stitched spotted recently at the Balmain No Chintz store that can transform the look of your room in a flash…

Lampshades and bases are an affordable way to brighten up and transform your living spaces. Make them a reflection of your personality and DIY shades using feature fabrics or recycling old vases and watering can as bases. It’s a piece of art that’s practical and functional, allows you to be creative, shows off your style and has wow impact. Be inspired by these works of art made by our extremely talented No Chintz lampshade crafter using a mix of fabrics and materials for bases and shades, currently on sale at our No Chintz Balmain store. Or try your hand at making your own lampshade and come along to one of the No Chintz Lampshade Workshops for a guided class and walk out with a handmade masterpiece! Here’s a few bright ideas to excite the retinas…

Glass base lampshade

Glass blowing not your thing? Buy a great base and create a fab lampshade to steal the limelight.

Glass bases that ace it!

A stunning glass table lamp base means you can have heaps of fun with the shade. If you keep the base simple and transparent, go for a lovely sinuous shape. Curves are a lot softer and more feminine than symmetrical hard angle bases – these tend to look better in spaces with other symmetrical artworks and furniture. We used a traditional ikat, Bindi in Surf, to create the blue and white shade, which looks divine in a seaside home with its ‘message in a bottle’ style base. A newspaper print shade with a rectangular base works magic in a study, while the red glass base with red ikat print shade is super stylish and adds a warmth.

Free As A Bird. These fair feathered friends sure know how to put on a show.

Free As A Bird. These fair feathered friends sure know how to put on a show.

Natures Calling!

Missing nature and the sounds of birds chirping at dawn? Then bring them indoors, minus the wake-up call, with these birds of a feather! This vibrant green cockatoo is a visual treat and does all the talking when paired with a neutral shade. The waterbird in moss green is an elegant bedside lamp when teamed with a floral outline printed shade on a neutral cloth.

Prints Charming Lampshades

Light Bulb Moment: Revamping your home with a bright print lampshade.

Find Your Prints Charming

So what if you haven’t met your Prints Charming yet, just place one of these sleeping beauties bedside each night for sweet dreams! A structured natural wood base works a treat with a paisley print shade in complementary colours. Go big and bold with a handcrafted ceramic teal vase style base and contrasting colours that pop, or relive those swinging sixties with a reflective glass base with antiquity finish and 60s print. For a great selection of prints, see the No Chintz Designer Fabrics where you’ll find limited editions, Marimekko and more.

Go Spotty for Dotty! Polka dots are a Style Staple.

Go spotty for dotty! Polka dots are a style staple you’ll love in years to come.

Join the Dots

Once a polka dot fan, always a polka dot fan. If you’re a lover of spots, this style shade will be a lifelong keeper. Ikat Spots are beautifully hand woven by traditional weavers in the mills of India and beyond, and their jagged imperfections are all part of their beauty and charm. Emerald green spots give a nod to nature and look divine with furniture and soft furnishings rich textures. Pink pops and works as an instant fun lift to any room, and lime greens against dark wood finishes add character to and a sleekness to rooms.

Recycle Old Tins and Watering Cans into Old World Charmers.

Recycle old tins, kerosene lamps and watering cans into Old World charmers.

Grab a Tinny!

We’ve all got bits and bobs from yesteryear hanging around the house that we’re sure we’ll put to good use one day… well, today is that day. Rescue those old watering cans and kerosene lamps and breathe new light, err, life into them. Making a lampshade base is easier than you think, and totally fits with the upcycle movement. Here’s a stellar example of how you can do old world charming with a sophisticated block stripe, or quirky cool by adding a hot pink textured Hopsack shade. Check out these stripes for more great ideas: Tickings, Multi Stripes, Fine Stripes. These textured plains really pop: Barmer in Cranberry, Mahesh in Cerise, Mahesh in Scarlet, Mr Roberts in Cerise, Ribble in FuchsiaRuff in Cumquat or Paprika and Zanzibar in Musk.

See you next week

x Miss Stictched

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