Feeling Red Hot? 5 Things You Need To Know About Using Hot Pink, Red & Cerise Fabrics in Your Home


Feeling Red Hot? 5 Things You Need To Know About Using Hot Pink, Red & Cerise Fabrics in Your Home 

Nothing makes a statement in your home like bold reds, hot pinks, and cerise. Here’s how to work it into your abode with style and flair…


1. Mixing Up Your Colours Can Create Warmth – Or the Tropics!

You can use strong pinks and reds with a great range of colours, but each mix will create a different effect and mood. “It really depends on the level of warmth you’re after in your home as to which colours you should mix your reds, pinks and cerise with,” explains No Chintz Creative Director, Chrissie Jeffery. “The three look great together in different shades. But if you want a sunnier and warmer look, add yellows for a tropical feel. Other great colours that look fabulous with them are soft jades and aquas.”


Marimekko Mini Unikko in Pink/Red, $55/m, Marimekko Mini Unikko in Yellow, $55/m, Marimekko Mini Unikko in Blue/green, $55/m.

Hawaiian Floral, $39/m, Marimekko Kurjenpolvi in Yellow, $55/m, Marimekko Florestan Multi, $55/m.


2. Bold Colours Look Hot With Neutrals    

Of course it’s all a matter of your personal style, but for contrast and a fresh look, pinks and cerise look fabulous worked back with neutrals and whites. “If you go for this look, use a range of different shades of pinks and persimmons,” suggests Chrissie.

Awning Stripe in Musk, $56/m, Cashew Nut Love in Orange Outdoor, $89/m Bungalow Stripe in Natural Cherry, $7.50/m.


3. Bright Colour Can Work Anywhere in Your Home

“Colour works wherever you want it,” explains Chrissie. “If you want a touch, then use it in cushions and accessories. Whereas if you want to make a statement, use it in larger amounts – on sofas, curtains and floor rugs.”

Cerise is a red-rose or cherry colour. Rio in Rose/Laken, $49/m, Mahesh in Cerise, $59/m, Peony Garden in Cerise/Taupe, $63/m.


4. Some Strong Colours Bleed, So Take Care

They look striking and will bring much happiness to your home, but beware, some deep and bright colours will bleed if they’re pressed against white or being sat on, like lounge cushions. If you have removable cushion covers, curtains or tablecloths in bold colours, always wash them separately, even if they’ve been washed previously. The last thing you want is your hot pink and reds blending into one.

Tickled Pink! Pink colours vary from light crimson to pale reddish purple. Hot pink is closely related to magenta. Maggie in Watermelon, $126/m, Ribble in Fuchsia, $49/m, Barmer in Cranberry, $23/m.


5. They Can Fade

The big attraction to hot pinks, reds and cerise is their vibrancy, so avoid placing cushions or other fabrics on sofas where the sunlight streams in on them, or on outdoor furniture in direct sunlight as they will fade.

Wave the red flag for passion, love, danger and courage. Mahesh in Chilli, $110/m, Flame Stripe in Red, $40/m, Ruff in Paprika, $59/m

x Miss Stitched

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